How to Become Expert In Travel Writing

Travel WritingIt’s fun to read travel articles for they let you imagine what the traveler has seen and experienced through their descriptive words. Of course, such writings are helpful when you are planning on a trip and still making a choice on where to go. But, others use these articles to learn how to be an expert in travel writing. Just imagine that you get to enjoy writing while also seeing more of the world! But that’s just one side of travel writing. You want to gain more readers, and for you to achieve that, you need to be good in the art of travel writing.

How? First, you need to have qualities that all travel writers possess. What’s that? You need to have the passion for travel. Observe yourself. Do you always get excited even at just the through of arriving at a certain place? Are you always excited to check out what the place has to offer? If your answer is yes then you are on the right track.

The second quality you must possess is that you must have the desire to create informative and entertaining accounts of each of your experience. Of course, it is already fun to tell others about your travel experiences. But, did you ever think that it also appeals to them? If not, you must work on making your travel experiences appealing to a wider range of audience.

Travel Writing Articles: When Describing Your Experiences

It is generally a vast topic, but it always help to start by thinking about those things you do not see. Do not restrict yourself to writing about those that are only visible to you. Make use of your five senses, and don’t just focus on your sight.

When traveling, it is not unusual for you to talk to the locals. That’s a good thing for your encounter with the locals is a good form of research. Talking to the locals is a good way to get a better grip of your destination. Yes, it is easy to look up for information over the web but learning comes better about a place when the material you use come from the residents.

First Level Of Expertise: If You Want To Be An Expert In Travel Writing, Be An Expert In Your Home Place First

It’s nice to travel someplace else for it brings the perfect opportunity to explore new things. But remember, writing is also a form of sharing what you to know to others. Living in your place for some time now gives you that level of expertise other writers don’t have. Hence, if you want to become expert in this field, begin by sharing the travel experiences you have from your home place to your audience. It is also a good way to develop your skills to write and apply your learning to freelance travel writing later on if that is your plan.

Travel Writing Tips From The Expert

According To Julia Dimon

Write Vividly – Your primary goal is to paint pictures using your words in the minds of your reader. You may be the one who went on the actual journey, but your words can also take your readers to that same journey. This is when you can apply the practice of writing with your five sensory senses.

Read Works from Other Travel Writers – Find travel writing blogs and read works from other travel writers. It is a good way to get inspiration, and most importantly, to have more knowledge on what makes a good piece. Some of the best travel writers that you can get inspiration from and learn more are Tim Cahill, Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux.

Take Photos Of Specific People, Places And Scenes According To Max Hartshorne

Shots of usual places are interesting, but not much. As they say, a photo can give a thousand stories. Tell a story with your photos, something that your audience would want to see.

No Need To Travel Somewhere To Become A Travel Writer, Says Kent E. St. John

Remember about the first level of expertise in travel writing? To become a travel writer, you don’t need to go anywhere else. There are a lot of stories you can find in your own hometown. You never know, but you might just make stories that would click to the exotic locales. So, start thinking locally, which as what Kent has described, is also a skill that most travel editors cover.

The Most Important Tip to Become an Expert Travel Writer: What’s the Point of Your Piece?

Travel writing is a form of sharing what you know, your experiences to the audience. Therefore, it must also have a point. What’s the purpose of the piece you are writing? Don George, a travel editor, says that the biggest mistake he has seen that writers make was that they write but don’t know the point they want to make. Hence, if you want to become an expert in this field, make a habit to ask yourself about what you want your readers to learn from your piece before writing.